World’s Top15 Brand Consulting & Designing Firms You Should Know

Therehas never been a better time to break into the brand consulting industry.Demand is high for these brand advisors and problem solvers at companies, organizationsand governments worldwide, and the industry is growing rapidly.

Brandvista helps you sort out world’s Top15 Brand Consultingand Designing Firms you need to know.(Ranked in alphabetical order)


Dragon Rouge


Dragon Rouge is a global design and innovationconsultancy. They help brands and businessesto inspire, change and grow. Using insight, foresight and creativity They help their clients define strategies, create newproducts and services and exceptional experiences.

Founded in 1984 inFrance, They are the leading independentnetwork. They combine local expertise and consumer knowledge with aglobal strategic vision of brand management.   They believesuccessful brands go beyond expectation. Because creativity is at the heart ofwhat we do, and because they’re influenced by the spirit of generosity, They work hand inhand with their clients to build the brands that create more. 



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FITCHtransforms consumer experience and accelerates business success. They deliver seamless solutions by combiningthe physical, human and digital elements of a brand to create unique experiencesignatures. FITCH is a leading global retail and brand consultancy with anintegrated offer of strategy, design and implementation, which enables them todeliver across all touch points. They dothis for clients that include adidas, B&Q, Brown-Forman, Dell, H&M,Lexus, Mars, Philips and Sberbank.




Aleading international brand and design consultancy network that placesstrategic rigor and creative excellence right at its heart. FutureBrand has thebandwidth to identify consumer trends, product and service innovations that aretaking place in real life and in real time around the world. The diversity andspecialism of the firm gives it an enviable international client base frombanking to brewing, from sports and recreation to retailing and brandenvironments.




Interbrand is the world’s leading brand consultancy, witha network of 31 offices in 27 countries. Since it opened for business in 1974,it has changed the way the world sees branding: from just another word for“logo” to a business’ most valuable asset to business strategy brought to life.Publisher of the highly influentialannual Best Global Brands ranking, Interbrand believes that brands have the power to change theworld—and helps its clients achieve this goal every day. Interbrand’s combination ofstrategy, creativity, and technology   deliversfresh ideasand insights, deep brand intelligence, clear business  opportunities, and compelling brandexperiences. Interbrand is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. network of agencies.




As a global leader in brand consulting and design, Landorhelps clients createagile brands that thrive in today’s dynamic, disruptive marketplace. Their workenables top brands—from Barclays to BMW and Tide to Taj—to stand for somethingwhile never standing still. Landor’s branding services include strategy andpositioning, identity and design, brand architecture, innovation, naming andverbal branding, research and analytics, environments and experience,engagement and activation, and digital and social media.


Their clients include Barclays, Bayer,BMW, BP, Diageo, FedEx, GE, Intuit, Kraft Foods, MillerCoors, Procter &Gamble, Samsung, Singapore Airlines, and Taj Group.




Lippincott is aglobal creative consultancy. They bring to their clients’ toughest challengesthe acumen, rigor and preparedness of a premier business consulting firm — andthe spirit, courage and imagination of a world-class innovation and designagency. For the past 70+ years, their global teams have partnered with theworld’s leading companies to blend business acumen and pioneering creativity, apractice known today as “design thinking.” As a result, they build brands thatemotionally connect, drive innovation that powers growth and shape culture forenduring impact. They’ve taken Starbucks beyond coffee, helped Delta achievenew heights and partnered with Samsung to disrupt new categories. They helpleaders succeed on the edge of change.


Organic Inc


Organicis a leading marketing agency grounded in digital that successfully blendscreativity with unmatched  predictiveintelligence. By creating and continuously testing and optimizing marketingsystems, Organic helps global brands accurately predict outcomes, spot trends,identify behaviors, and create a much deeper connection   with consumers. Founded in 1993, Organic has officesin New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and London and is part ofOmnicom Group Inc.




Pentagramis the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned andrun by 19 partners, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individualcreative fields. They have offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlinand Austin. Pentagram’s design skills extend across the full spectrum ofgraphics and identity, architecture, interiors, products, exhibitions,advertising, digital and communications. Each of their clients works directlywith one or more of their partners. This reflects their conviction that greatdesign cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment,which is demonstrated by a portfolio of work that spans five decades.




Prophet is aconsultancy that helps their clients find better ways to grow. They do that by focusing on three primary areas: Creatingrelevant brand and customer experiences.Driving accelerated growth strategies. Leveraging digital as a transformative force What makes themdifferent is their ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations ofcustomers and translate those insights into better ideas. Their unique team ofthinkers, makers and doers work in a collaborative, multidisciplinary way tobridge the gap between strategy and execution. 

They operate differently to other consultancies, blendinginsight, strategy and creativity with an optimistic yet pragmatic approach tohelp their clients find new avenues for growth. They leverage their globalfootprint, and operate with a single P&L, enabling them to bring the rightpeople with the right experience together to solve their clients’ currentbusiness challenges.




Siegel+Gale is a global brand strategy, design andexperience firm. Using facts, intuition and creativity, they blend science withart, unlocking the power of simplicity to help organizations realize their fullpotential. They have offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London,Dubai and Shanghai, but they’re willing to fly just about anywhere. They’realso not alone. As part of Diversified Agency Services, a division of OmnicomGroup Inc., they have strong partners all around the world.





They are an experienceagency. They create meaningful humanexperiences, connecting the dots across touchpoints. They put people at the heart of every experience, turning emotioninto action and action into emotion.


Studio Dumbar


StudioDumbar (part of Dept) is an international branding agency specialised in visualidentity and communication design. Our portfolio encompasses a variety ofclients; both large and small – from business and government to cultural andnon-profit.




Tenet Partners is a brand innovation andmarketing consultancy. Created through the combination of Brandlogic andCoreBrand, the company brings 40 years of experience forward with a set of newprinciples to help clients create business value. With a unique combination oftalented people across a range of disciplines, 20 years of market data andscalable technology platforms, they help leaders grow by putting customers atthe center of their business.


The Brand Union


They are a global brandagency with expertise in brand strategy, design, interaction, brand management,and employee engagement. 500 people. 25 offices. Every major market. They have been part of WPP group since 1986. They exist to ensure that the entire experienceof a brand – from the biggest of launches to the tiniest of online interactions– is both brilliantly designed and beautifully connected.


Theywork globally and seamlessly with clients includingVodafone, Pernod Ricard, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK,Heineken, SONY and Unilever.




They are creativepartners to ambitious leaders who want to design radically better businesses. Theirglobal teams of designers, strategists, technologists, programme managers andeducators deliver deep, meaningful change across and beyond their clients’organizations. Never before has the power and impact of individuals been morecritical. Through education, participation and discovery, They instigatecultures of turning ideas into action.


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