北京 | 【奔驰】Product Sales (Assistant Manager)

Product Sales 

(Assistant Manager)

Objective of the Position

• Sales measures analysis and development

• Special discount management

• Competitor movement monitoring, analysis and comparison with MB

• Coordinate on dealer communication design and announcement

• Support sales and marketing collaborative projects

• SIMS configured programs review and control

Qualification Required

• Education

– Bachelor Degree or above

• Experience

– Related working experience in the Sales related department in auto industry is preferred

• Special Knowledge

– Excellent analytical skills and problem-solving thinking

– Strong skills in financing/auditing area, risk management and control capability is a- plus

– Ability to work independently and be a team player with strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure

– Excellent presentation and communication skills

– Excellent in Chinese and English, both written and oral

– Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

Task Designation

• Sales Measure Development

– Analyze sales performance, market feedback and sales target in future months, come up with incentive program ideas

– Develop incentive program policy and design program details to ensure the effectiveness of motivating dealers and low risk for the company

– Externally discuss or negotiate with cooperation parties; internally discuss programs with S&M GM, F&C and other related departments to fine tune program contents. Get incentive program approved by top management

– Develop dealer communication package and communicate program to regions/dealers

– Closely monitor programs, timely tackle problems to make sure programs going on smoothly

– Cooperate with regional office to calculate bonus for individual dealer and pay out to dealers

– Lead new project to develop new ideas for incentive programs

• Special Discount Management

– Control special discount spending

– Track actual spending of previous programs

– Forecast spending of current running programs

– Develop tools to optimize future spending to lower down the risk of over spending or insufficient utilization

• Competitor movement monitoring, analysis and comparison with MB

– Competitor sales measures analysis and comparison with MB measures

– Monitor competitor product change

– MB and competitor market share analysis

• Lead collaborative projects with marketing

– Responsible for sales and marketing collaborative project development (sales part)

– Monitor project execution and result analysis

• Kufri and OP Input

– From sales perspective, giving input for Kufri and OP


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