上海 | 【益普索】市场研究经理

This is an excellent opportunity for a talented professionals to be part of our growing team in mainland China. This position is a highly client engaging and project focused role with complete responsibility for client projects to ensure all activities of projects are completed and presented, by maintaining and enhancing client relationships, contributes to business development.

Job Scope:

Direct Report: 1-2 SRE

Indirect Report:1-2 ARE

Sales Budget:

No direct sales budget, contribute to team accomplish the sales target

Main Job Responsibilities

  • —Prepare for report and proposal writing with actionable recommendations independently
  • —Conduct presentation to clients with high impact
  • Accountable for high quality of project management
  • Lead project teams to provide professional and precise all-around service
  • Instruct and involve team in report preparation
  • Supervise project costing to achieve competitiveness and cost effectiveness
  • Contribute to business development by engaging clients proactively
  • Build and maintain research team by demonstrating effective people management skills.


  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years research experience


  • Marketing and Marketing Research knowledge is a must
  • Excellent management experience


  • Good English skills 良好的英文能力
  • Good interpersonal & communication skills 良好的人际和沟通能力
  • Excellent project management skills 出色的项目管理能力
  • Good presentation skills 良好的表达能力
  • Good problem solving skills 良好的问题解决能力
  • Good time management skills 良好的时间管理能力
  • Excellent people skills 良好的人际交往能力
  • Team player and need to motivate the team 具有团队精神并能够激发团队的活力

Other Requirements

  • Reliable and able to work to deadlines 可靠并按规定期限完成工作
  • Able to work under pressure and manage own and others’ time 能够在压力下工作并能够管理自己和他人的时间
  • Able to engender team spirit 能偶激发团队的精神
  • Committed to company philosophy and goals 认同公司的理念和目标
  • Well presented and confident 大方得体并充满自信


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