上海 | 【SEPHORA】Senior Media Manager

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Duties and Responsibilities:

Support to develop and implement media strategy to meet the objectives of brand. Work closely with CAT, LSM and EB to provide media support. The person focuses on manage and execute media plan; deliver good ROI through high quality media tools and suitable media mix to maximum media efficiency.

  1. Media plan development and implementation
    1. Enhance brand visibility and SOV
    2. Media approaches for various tier city
    3. Identify media tools and optimize media mix for each campaign
  2. Measurement develop and ROI
    1. Develop measurable and proper media track tools
    2. Deliver good ROI for each campaign
    3. Analysis report for each campaign
  3. Media budget and expense control
    1. Media negotiations to get additional resource
    2. Well manage budget to maximize media effect
    3. Well expense control within given budget through monthly report
  4. Agency management
    1. Well manage agency for project execution
    2. Work close with agency to provide market intelligence report (Beauty, media trend and etc.)
  5. Media relationship
    1. Build good relationship with media for good resource and good price
    2. Identify media opportunity for brand


– Minimum Bachelor degree holder, preferably in marketing, communication or related majors

– At least 5 years solid media buying & planning experience from media agencies or FMCG/Retail brand companies

– Experienced in both digital & offline media collaborations & negotiations

– Open, creative and positive mindset, always looking for ways of doing things better with the given budget

– Previous proven track record of brand awareness & image elevation coming from the media side




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