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Program Overview

Successful candidates will settle in the Strategy Department of Didichuxing. S/he will work with a group of distinctive professionals by either – joining the Strategy and Planning team to expose to all aspects of the firm-wide strategic initiatives from planning to execution; – or, becoming a Strategy Business Partner, who will take the lead of formulating the strategy and execution plan within certain business unit, identify the business priorities, and drive the continuous business improvement; – or, joining the Investment Team, gain opportunities to work on industry in-depth research and market comparable analysis, support executives in decision making process on significant investment activities, deeply involved in the incubation and expansion of new businesses.

We also offer opportunities to MBA students to join various lines of business of Didichuxing, as Marketing and Branding, Product and Operations, Finance, Legal and Compliance, Human Resources, etc.

Whom We Are Looking for

While we seek for candidates with a wide range of talent and industry expertise prior to their MBA program, successful candidates usually have demonstrated:

– Excellent quantitative and analytical skills;

– Strong business acumen and insights, industry knowledge is a plus.

– S/he should be creative, a fast learner with strong self-motivation;

– Efficient in project management and business execution;

– Good communication and interpersonal skill, outstanding integrity, strong team player, with leadership potentials.




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