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Objective of job

Technological adoption has never been as fast as today. Characterized by increasing complexity and blurring of industry borders, innovation is crutial for Daimler to become the next winner of mobility provider. The main task of this position is to follow the innovation process within organization RD MP & PM; push, develop and implement the innovation from a one pager idea into a concept, prototype or business model to further link them towards different business units within R&D organization in China or HQ orgnaizations

Qualification required


– Master degree or above in innovation management; industry design; IT; engineering or business administration


– 5+ years experience in innovation management, entrepreneurship, industry design, or project management in engineering related fields, preferred with experience of auto industry

– Fluent with Chinese and English, German is a plus

– With overseas experience in education or working is a plus

– Strong project management experience and play as project lead, able to work independently and cope with uncertainty and dynamics •Specific Knowledge

– Experience in innovation processes and product development as well as concept development needed

– Strong analytic and executional skills, open-minded and creative thinking as well as result orientation

Task description

•Innovation Search Field Process

Definition of search field process with Germany and then execution per model range and alignment within China. Final input into overall process in Germany.

•China Innovation Factory

Idea creation in China for China in the world. Building a function in China that offers a space and a method to create ideas and innovations and links them towards Germany into the innovation management function.

•Innovation Project Management China

Evaluation of existing ideas from different idea sources, prioritize some of them to form the innovation project. Lead the project to further develop the idea into a concept, prototype. Follow-up with different business units, coordinate and further push the idea within China and towards Germany to find owners to further implement the idea.

•Knowledge Sharing

Support the technology monitoring function within the team to share cutting edge technologies with the China organization





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