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Global supply chain manager is a critical operations execution leadership position within Apple Manufacturing Design Operations group. This position is responsible for day to day commercial management with Apple Cover Glass vendors. This includes managing programs for iMac, Portable & Accessories business. Manage supply chain, supply plans, ramp schedule, capital equipment planning, facility bring-up, with vendors on critical parts for NPI’s as well as sustaining Apple products. It’s an exciting supply chain leadership opportunity to work cross- functionally that aids in making world class products.

Key Functions:

  • Manage & direct GSM team closely to effectively coordinate activities for coverage of all programs, vendors during new product ramp & sustaining operations
  • Manage & lead all day to day cover glass manufacturing supply operations for Apple to effectively launch new products on-time

– Supply planning during Ramp & Sustaining operations

– Capex, Facility, Labor planning for NPI ramps

– Vendor Allocation planning quarterly

– Pricing negotiations

– BUC analysis via. Cycle time / manpower / material reduction ideas

– Work with down-stream nodes to sort out supply chain & quality mis-alignments

  • NPI support

– Understand & communicate impact of new features / processes on all GSM metrics (Yield, Cost, Labor, Material, Capex, Supply, Facility) during engineering build & planning

– Support engineering builds w/ project management & communication w/ PD EPM’s

  • Primary communication link between Cupertino GSM Management & CG Vendors for all commercial matters

– Active role in sensing issues before they occur & communicating to management

– Work seamlessly with in-region SBE & SQE teams to operationally execute on NPI’s & sustaining products





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