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Objective of the Position

1. Effectively lead and monitor the processes, systems and employees to efficiently execute the non-productive goods/services Procurement in order to overachieve the Procurement targets and maximize the results

2. Take leading role in big Purchasing projects. Independently analyze and consolidate the needs of internal customers, conduct market research and negotiation with suppliers, aiming to enhance the signing of Framework Contract in order to increase the efficiency of purchasing process of repeatedly demanded commodities

3. Perform risk assessments and improve supplier related quality, timing, cost and innovation performance

4. Effectively ensure the best usage of company funds within the Procurement function

5. Develop commodity related strategies and perform market surveys for defined strategic commodities

6. Guarantee that the purchasing activities are in line with all risk-prevention policies and measures of the company, e.g. ICS, FCPA, procurement guidelines, company rules and regulations, etc.

7. Closely cooperate with Global Commodity Manager, take key function in international projects and in implementation of global commodities, enhance efficient information exchange between BMBS Procurement and IPS headquarters

Qualification Required


– Master degree in business administration, Management or equivalent

– High analytic and strategic thinking, independent working attitude and competence in communication with and moderation of groups


– 3 year or above management experience in international non-productive procurement organization

– High social competence and experience in leading Procurement staff

– Team player with ability to work under pressure and high workload

– Self-confident appearance and behavior towards executive Management and foreign Procurement Managers

– High degree of individual responsibility and intercultural competence

– Structured overview and profound understanding of company needs, results driven behavior, customer- and solution oriented

Specific Knowledge

– Professional knowledge about strategic sourcing, Procurement operation, logistic processes & systems, esp.

– Supplier Management and Commodity Management

– Good knowledge in leading of own projects

– High competence in all kind of process requirements towards Procurement, such as understanding of ICS, FCPA, China legal requirements, company Guidelines

– Business management consultancy experience

– Chinese language should be fluent and proficient, native language is Chinese is preferred. Proficient in using English language in speaking and writing at upper business level

Task Designation

1. Supplier sourcing, management, definition of optimization potentials of supplier strategy and structure

– Support stable performance of suppliers, ensure efficient supplier selection process

– Check financial stability of suppliers, identify business potentials and risks of suppliers. Develop suppliers according to supplier development strategy based on Procurement supplier evaluation system

– Define optimization potentials of supplier structure under consideration of the strategy of establishing new business models and the setup of new strategic alliances

– Ensure on-boarding of new suppliers according to principles (ICS, Compliance, High-risk, etc.), performing DD checks if needed

– Supplier sourcing of potential competent companies who are able to meet BMBS requirement in marketing events services, incl. test drive agents, road-show, exhibitions, construction & production of sales materials, etc.

2. Independent lead of complex Procurement projects

– Development of negotiation strategies under consideration of internal/external benchmarks

Negotiation of complex Procurement projects with suppliers

– Consideration of objectives (requirements, quantities, price, quality, target dates, logistic, market situation, consolidation possibility, risks, insurances and IT connectivity).

– Present scope of work, drafts, concepts and state of planning in front of customer/GMs/ Sourcing Committee/suppliers

– Drafting, reviewing and closing of (framework-) contracts

– Negotiation of price adjustments

(e.g. Complex events like press conferences, media and publicity, etc.,: Leading the Tender Board to analyze the procurement needs and purchasing strategy of each demand. Integrate different functional departments with induvial timing, requirements, dependencies, specification changes.)

3. Leading of strategic commodities under pre-alignment with Procurement management

– Organization strategic sourcing and supplier selection based on bundled volume from multiple business stakeholders

– Development of Procurement market analysis, supplier analysis, volume bundling, detailed study of commodities and its attributes, leading of joint negotiations, approval of supplier selections according to thresholds

– Development of new commodity strategies (e.g. potential marketing events service providers, etc.)

4. Development of Procurement concepts and processes

– Development of new concepts, processes and tools in joint collaboration with cross-functional departments (Controlling, Accounting, Legal, Daimler Purchasing function, other functional departments etc.)

– Pro-active collaboration with key stakeholders (marketing, regional offices, etc., ) in terms of supplier development, sourcing strategy, contract set up, etc.

– Expanding usage of procurement tools to more commodities

– Training of new procurement process to buyers, requestors & suppliers

5. Ensure Compliance, Due Diligence, Integrity and anti-bribery in all stages of Procurement

– Ensure diligent Supplier on-boarding, perform preventive controls within operative Procurement process, review all transactions from responsible buyers, and manage regular detective controls

– Incorporate high process requirements and all compliance standards in all operative Procurement steps (Requirements from FCPA, ICS, Compliance, Supplier Due Diligence, CA requirements, anti-bribery, integrity, legal requirements)

6. Leading of cross-functional projects

– Set-up and lead of cross-functional projects, pre-structuring of project outlines, identification of working steps/packages, control of project processes, achieve defined final goals

– Preparation of time-, budget- and process schedules

– Development and adjustment of project assignments

– Controlling and supervision of project processes

– Ensure adherence to objectives (ex. quality, costs, target dates), if applicable proposition, coordination, initiation and supervision of corrective measures

– Reporting of project status

(E.g. Development of New Purchasing process for Event agencies: set-up project milestone and team members from several departments, analyze event requirements, market situation research, supplier status checking, concept development, new bidding process definition, pilot project running, process optimization and finalization; communication, training and implementation)





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