上海 | 【耐克】Retail Concepts Director



Roles and Responsibilities

– Lead retail concept development for Greater China based on consumer, brand, and marketplace needs

– Define a marketplace vision for our concepts that connect with our consumers and align to our brand and business priorities

– Define the concept framework and preform for mono-brand retail concepts using consumer insights, brand objectives, and business requirements

– Lead the process to pilot, perfect, capture and scale consumer led concepts across Greater China

– Manage end-to-end process starting from concept strategy deck, to GCLT alignment, to retail lab set-up, to marketplace launch and scale

– Lead virtual teams of cross-functional experts across IRM/sales/merchandising/digital/finance/retail design

– Run a regular meeting cadence to manage key decisions-making milestones, timelines, and budget

– Facilitate productive cross-functional meetings and discussions

– Lead regular concept performance reviews to drive quick response concept refinements

– Manage quarterly concept reviews using a set of control doors to evaluate, assess, and address brand-right, business-right, consumer-right concept refinements

– Create, evolve, and implement tools and processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness for retail concepts to pilot, perfect and scale to marketplace

– Plan, organize and prioritize projects so goals and objectives are met

– Collect market and consumer insights





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