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Major Responsibilities:

1. Tracking of overall market trends, business development and operating performance of competitors, traditional and newly emerging competitors; Strategic evaluation of their strengths & weaknesses, actions, and associated implications for BMW.

2. Investigate and manage information sources for business and market intelligence.

3. Search, evaluate, and share relevant industry news, trends and innovations with management on a regular basis.

4. Analysis of the complex and fast-changing China automotive industry and market, identifying key trends and implications.

5. Creating company profiles with relevant information, fit for BMW, developing concepts for potential partnerships and cooperation.

6. Prepare management and external stakeholder presentations, reports, and decision proposals. This requires driving cross-functional communication and alignment.

7. Build up relationships with external provider of business insights e.g. University, Consultancies, Think Thanks, Research firms etc.

8. Steer and prepare presentations for external communication e.g. for high management during conferences, panel discussions and key events.

9. Strategic market research, including mid- to long-term forecasts.

Knowledge / Skills /Competences:

1. Strategic thinking skills; able to identify key points, plan and organize complex analyses in a structured way. Derivation strategic directions and prepare for decision making.

2. Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, good sense of figures.

3. Experience in data analytics, AI methods and tools, big data, web analytics; and its presentation.

4. Strong initiative and self-motivation to align cross-department efforts, strong self-assertion and implementation skills.

5. Strong presentation skills, able to present results in a professional and high management format.

6 Ability to work under pressure, excellent teamwork skills, excellent ability to communicate.

7. Developed network within the local automotive industry.

8. Willingness to work in an intercultural working environment.

9. Negotiation-level English and Chinese. Basic knowledge of German is advantageous.



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