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  • Support the internal and external communication.
  • Translate accurate and efficient between English and Chinese.
  • Provide simultaneous interpretation with other profession teams in the biddings, client seminars, customer visiting, business meetings, and etc.
  • Develop tools for effective two-way communications, and support the team leaders to develop a communications strategy.

Primary Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in English, Business Administration, Communications or equivalent educational or professional experience and/or qualifications. An advanced degree is also preferred.

· Simultaneous Interpretation Certificate or equivalent certificate are required.

· Full Professional Proficiency in English and excellent communication, listening and facilitation skills.

· Strong writing skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a simple and elegant way.

· Relevant work experience (e.g. internships, summer positions, school jobs) and related knowledge about professional service.

· Attention to detail and ability to edit and review work to meet a high standard of quality.

· Ability to interact fluidly with clients and work as part of a team.

· Proficiency in PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft Office tools.

· Project management and time management skills. Able to manage several projects simultaneously and autonomously, as well as prioritize as necessary.

· High degree of self-confidence, poise, maturity, diplomacy and empathy.




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