上海 | 【达能】Brand Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identifies new target consumers and need states to translate into new growth opportunities (value propositions for consumers) in order to strengthen existing portfolio or entry new battlefield.
  • Co-work with S&I to identify consumer insights, generate innovation ideas accordingly. Manage Nutrilon product offering to meet consumer needs.
  • Co-creates with inside and outside partners to develop breakthrough business models, and innovates renovation on existing portfolio.
  • Translate ideas into business impact in both top line and bottom line. Act as portfolio owner to wisely balance resource and maximize business potential.
  • Prioritizes and executes them with excellence to drive consumer, customer and channel growth opportunities.
  • Lead the innovation development, achieve on-time delivery by seamlessly co-working across project team.
  • Manage innovation local/global monitoring process, keep stakeholder updating and alignment according to governance schedule.
  • Closely working with RA and legal to dig in claiming potential while ensure claims fully compliant in stages of concept and product.
  • Translates unique product proposition into product design & Visual Identify.


Personal Competencies:

  • Solid skill of understanding consumer insight and market trend via proper tracking and validation reports.
  • Good team player, good communication and interpersonal skills, drive alignment among conflicts.
  • Proactive and logical way of thinking. Result-driven way of working.
  • Open minded and flexible towards frequent market/environment change. Can quickly make self-adaptation accordingly.


Qualification, Knowledge & Experience:

  • Minimum university graduate.
  • 4 years+ of mkt experience, at least 2 year experience in product innovation with solid case.
  • Have experience in international/global cooperation.
  • Fluent in English in verbal and in written.



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