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Account Executive:

Position consist of managing the media, creative and production aspects of individual Client’s business. This function includes tasks in support of the Account Supervisor and Management Director as well as overseeing any workflow delegated to an Account Coordinator(s).



–Manage the regional advertising activities (Creative, media, budgets and production) for a multiple markets across an assigned territory.

–Regularly gather/prepare all necessary materials and conduct Client meetings.

–Serve as the primary contact with the Media Planner and Internal Operations for his/her Clients.

–Train and delegate workflow carried out by an Account Coordinator for his/her Clients.



–AE must have a thorough knowledge of the Client’s business and demonstrate an on – going commitment and response to his/her Client’s needs.

–As the primary Client contact, the AE will be required to forge positive relationships with his/her Clients through consistent contact and diligent client service – which will include monthly travel for in person meetings with certain Clients.

–The position will require the AE to build solid relations and work effectively with people in other Agency departments (Creative, Media, Production, Traffic, Planning and Finance) to achieve optimal results.

–Advertising agency experience is a must, as the job requires a thorough understanding of advertising principles and agency functions (media, creative, production, traffic, financials, billing etc.)

–Prior experience in retail advertising and or the automotive category is a plus, but not required.


Computer Skills:

Thorough Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is a must.



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