上海 |【BYTON】Digital Marketing Specialist

Responsibilities (essential to the position)

1.Plan, support and steer the website development by coordinating key stakeholders for content, features, design and backend technology needs.

2.Consolidate and manage future website requirements: generating ideas, briefing the relevant stakeholders, integrating in website timeline

3.Definition of a Phase Model approach towards Market Launches in CN, US and EU covering all global and regional requirements (e.g. languages)

4.Structure and build online, digital interaction (i.e. video-/chatbot services) to generate personalized experiences by using latest technologies (AI) and delivering unique experiences.

5.Budget project planning and monitoring. Preparation and representation of project achievements and requirements to ensure successful implementation.

6.Ongoing market / trend observation in the customer touch points area of automotive, consumer electronics & services environment.

7.Development of reporting structure and analytics to improve the performance of customer touch points. Define and follow-up on key performance drivers.

8.Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end, unique customer experiences across multiple channels and customer touch points from a customer perspective.

9.Support and contribute technical insights on AR/VR projects from ideation to implementation.

10.Steer and collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners.



1. Industry background:

·Consumer Electronics or Automotive

·2+ years’ experience incl. Project Management skills

2. Knowledge and skills:

·High analytical skills, strong communication and presentation skills, good understanding of customer psychology, multi-cultural experience

3. Education / Training:

·Business university degree

·Profound understanding digital backend requirements

4. Competencies:

·Entrepreneurial thinking – high level of independence and initiative, confidence in terms of style and design and self-confidence – also in decision making, ownership skills


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