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Position Purpose

  • Be responsible for creative excellence that lifts brand, generates customer favorability, and drives media effectiveness.
  • Key customers include CMO, Marketing VP, other marketing function and external creative/media agencies.


Principal Accountabilities

In addition to following McDonald’s policies and procedures, principal accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

1.Form up collaborative creative development process

§ Work closely with CMO to formulate the right process of briefing, feedback and approval, aiming for output of marketing communication material that serves brand and business purpose.

§ Allow the process engages all partner agencies as well as any additional necessary resources to work together seamlessly for one goal sets by McDonald’s China


2.Lead agency integration

§ Act as one contact window that manages agency working process and ensures that is fully integrated.

§ Be the McDonald’s representative to pull all required agency resources to get work done.


3.Supervise creative production

§ Be responsible for creative deliverable, including timing, cost and quality.

§ Take charge of the entire production process, obtain support and buy-in from internal stakeholders


4.Agency relationship management

§ Manages agency review, evaluation and appraisal.

§ Coordinate agency audit.

§ Lead agency scope of work negotiation.

§ Ensure healthy client-agency relationship


5.Partner, guide and support internal marketing team to strive for creative excellence

§ Coach internal marketing team members to work agency agencies.

§ Foster an open, respectful and constructive client-agency culture.



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