北京 |【奔驰】Media Management


Objective of the Position

●Media strategy development and optimize media practice for band/product communication campaign

●Manage and execute ATL communication and sales oriented projects including guideline and process development, media     planning and procurement process support etc.

●Quality control for advertising performance audit and KPI management project, to streamline the process and principle with high efficiency


Qualification Required


-Bachelor Degree or above


-Marketing background. Marketing practice experience over 3 years

-Excellent communication skills, strong planning and implementation capabilities

-Rich knowledge and experience in advertising, media, marketing communications


Task Designation

●Communication Strategy & Advertising planning and optimization

– Managed the Media agency to execute the integrated communication strategy & plan

– Supervised media mix optimization according to each different brand/product’s target consumers’ different media consumption habit

– Quality control for ATL project implement

– Proficiency on all media buy projects to achieve better ROI


●Fully involved in media cooperation projects, accurately and efficiently communicated to media partners the key messages regarding MB’s brand and products, and sought opportunities to maximize MB’s overall exposure


●Agency management (media agency)

– Daily communication with agency for detail briefing

– Key project coordination

– Agency review and quality control


●Finance & Controlling team coordination

– Procurement process management for Media buy project

– Contract and other finance logistics arrangement

– KPI project and performance/financing audit


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