北京 |【玛氏食品】Digtial Marketing Head



  • Develop Petcare China’s digital marketing strategy to reach, engage, convert and retain target consumers based on brand strategy and Ecom customer/consumer plan and needs
  • Lead digital marketing team to plan and execute various digital and social communication campaigns, events and activities for Ecom customers in collaboration with Brand Managers, Ecom customer teams, Media, Corporate Affairs, agencies and MIS digital partners
  •  Track and review the efficiency, effectiveness and ROI of all digital marketing initiatives with clear set of KPIs
  • Drive maximum resource integration and synergy in planning and executing digital marketing initiatives for Ecom by working with cross-functions especially Marketing and CA. Optimize digital investments ROI (media, online and offline, and PR)
  • Enable Ecom customer teams to drive topline growth and enhance bottom line financial shape through well-designed and executed digital & social communication campaigns, events, etc.
  • Develop Ecom-dedicated new product or packaging innovation/renovation requests (1 year and 3 year) based on clear consumer insights to feed into the PMR and product/portfolio innovation pipeline
  • Define and implement digital marketing capability development road map;
  • Build strong Digital Marketing team via recruiting, engaging and developing best-in-class digital marketing talents and pipeline
  • Be the subject matter expert and keep exploring and optimizing latest digital and social communication opportunities to ensure maximum synergy and ROI of the digital marketing initiatives to enable Ecom growth ambition

Experience and Competencies required to be successful in the role:

  • At least 8 years  of experiences in Digital Marketing or Ecommerce with focus on digital communications programs
  • A subject matter expert in area of digital marketing for broader business
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills
  • Ability to collaborate with x-functions, and navigate through ambiguities and conflicts
  • Strong project management skills
  • Fluent written and oral English

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